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Published Work

BACP Private Practice Journal, Spring 2017
Feature The Child Within

Catherine O'Riordan explains how she uses the metaphor of the 'inner child' to help clients unhook their here and now experience from painful past memories.

BACP Private Practice Journal, Summer 2015
Ways of Working Working with the unconscious mind

Catherine O'Riordan describes how she integrates hypnotherapy within a counselling context

BACP Private Practice Journal, Autumn 2014
My Perspective A question of congruence

Catherine O'Riordan and James O'Riordan explore some underlying issues inhibiting therapists from making a living from their training

I presented my research paper: 'The Clinical importance of understanding the client's experience of reconnecting with hidden aspects-of-self for an effective therapeutic outcome' at the BACP's 21st Annual Counselling and Psychotherapy Research Conference entitled 'Understanding professional practice: the role of research' took place on 15 – 16 May 2015 at East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham.

To view the BACP Research Conference Abstract: 


Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute 'Showcase' 2015 / 2017

MSc Dissertation to read my dissertation "Reconnecting with Hidden Aspects-of-Self"


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